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| Updated on Mar 21, 2016

Duck hunting with visa to Argentina

All Chinese citizens can now apply for the Malaysian

tourist visa online.

Visit this website for more information and get your visa within 1-3 business days. In the last 20 years, Argentina has become a premier destination to hunt.

From Cordoba dove hunting to world, class duck hunting, Argentina hunting is probably the best in the world!

David Perez the owner of estimates that 80% of hunters to Argentina come from the United States. With non-stop flights from Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Miami, the Southeast part of the United States is a direct flight away from the hunting fields. Something many people forget is that to enjoy these hunting pleasures, you must process the Argentina Reciprocity Fee  in advance of the trip.

There have been many cases of hunters missing a day of hunting because they forget to process the visa for Argentina in advance of their trip.

Luckily it is quite easy to process the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. You can simply apply online and within one day the visa for Argentina will be in your email inbox. This visa costs $160, but it is valid for 10 years! So the first time you take a hunting trip to Argentina, please make sure to remember to pay for your Argentina Reciprocity Fee.

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