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| Updated on May 2, 2016

Reasons to enjoy with Australia visa

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Heading down under is unlike any adventure you could possibly have and it all begins with an Australia visa

It only takes a few hours to get from white sandy beaches to the vast Outback. Mountains, swamps, beaches and desert: so much to see and do when visiting the country.

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Need another reason to visit Australia? How about bragging rights that you not only got to step foot in a new country but on an entirely new continent. Pretty nifty reasons if you ask us.

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Let’s take a look at the different regions and what each offers the natives as well as visitors:

Western Australia: From surfing to wine touring, there is such an abundance you can do while touring Western Australia! Home of the famous “big wave”, Margaret River offers intense ocean waves for those looking for a surf challenge as well as plenty of wine country to quench your thirst. Perth is a fabulous city to stop in and dine. Attend concerts, tour pubs or head to the open sea in a kayak.

Northern Territory: For anyone who is really a true outdoors type of person, this is a must visit for you. Everything from hiking to cruising rivers, the Northern Territory has it all. Take some time and visit Nitmiluk National Park and witness breathtaking gorges, cliffs and the winding Katherine River. The gorges can be accessed by land but are best experienced in the water. Take a sunrise or sunset cruise with family or friends. Enjoy more of the individual sightseeing? Try a kayak and see things on your own terms.

Queensland: Without a doubt, if you love beaches and water sports, this is the territory to visit! Best known for its astounding Great Barrier Reef, this area offers pearly white sand, crystal blue waters and all the sunshine you could imagine. Cairns is an excellent spot for staying as it gives visitors a taste of Queensland. Snorkel, scuba dive or Jet Ski along the coasts. Plus, if you want a more rugged adventure, it’s a short drive to the Outback!

New South Wales: Here you will find more of the city life as you cruise into Sydney. See the Opera House, climb a bridge or visit the animal sanctuary. If city life gets too much, take a drive to the Blue Mountains and see the blue mist and beautiful “Three Sisters.”

Victoria: Those wanting an adventure can always hitch a ride to the Outback. If not, stay in Melbourne and experience the perks, delicious food and attractions waiting for you. Take a sunrise cruise to Philip Island. Tour the Royal Botanical Gardens. Catch a rugby game at the local pub.

South Australia: This is definitely the place to head to if venturing off into the Outback is where you are aching to go. There are swamp tours, opal digging and more outdoor adventures. On your way inland, wine taste in the Clare Valley best known for its Riesling or tour the ancient copper town of Burra. If you really want a unique experience, stay in an underground hotel located in Coober Pedy. Hope you are not afraid of the dark!

Tasmania: Explore the history and culture that is Tasmania! This place has an explosion of things to do for every age. Day cruises, hikes, local performances and planet of shopping.

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