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| Updated on Apr 24, 2016

Experience Malaysian Food with your Visa to Malaysia

Malaysia has a lot to offer for the young and old.

Each will find something awesome to do no matter your interests. Get your Malaysia visa now and book for a trip to Malaysia so as to enjoy great meals in the country.

Malaysia visa and food

From the World’s tallest twin towers (Petronas Twin Towers) in Kuala Lumpur where it only takes you 41 seconds to reach the midpoint between to the two tours.

You can then visit the Central Market that has a variety of handicrafts, arts, kebaya, songket, batik and other Malaysian souvenirs.

The Chinese and Thai as well as the Indonesian and Indian cuisine heavily influence the Malaysian food culture. However, the uniqueness in these meals brings out a new twist to the story.

Visitors can be sure to enjoy a blend of quality recipes thus making the best dishes in the Asian world. Get your evisa now and book for a trip to Malaysia so as to enjoy great meals in the country.

Applying online will saves you time and a lot of frustration that goes with applying for touristic visas when traveling abroad. There are many meals you need to know that only Malaysia would offer you a chance to enjoy.

They include:

  1. Apam balik – you cannot brag of Malaysian food if you haven’t treated yourself with this meal. The snack is pancake styled with a blend of a compact omelet package. It is stuffed with enough sugar, peanuts and sprinkles of corn. It has really changed the feeling around Malaysian dishes.

  2. Nasi kerabu – the blue rice dish will always amaze you. It is known for its attractive looks that every local and visiting Malaysian will line up to get. It is topped with fried coconut and then drenched in fermented fish sauce and spicy budu.

  3. Ayam percik - the barbecued chicken is spicy chili slathered and spread with ginger sauce and garlic mixed with coconut milk. The Malaysian staple is known to bring out a great perspective known to only few people.

  4. Mee gorenf mamak – this is often an Indian Muslim dish. It is utterly a wholesome package. Comes with yellow noodles, chicken or beef. The meal is prepared with veggies, sauce and eggs to bring out the outright taste of an awesome meal.

  5. Nasi kandar – this is basically rice served with a variety of toppings of one’s choice. It includes the fish, okra, egg and curry.

Get your Malaysia evisa now to book a trip to the Asian country for a breathtaking vacation as you enjoy your meals!

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