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| Updated on Apr 10, 2016

Enjoy Magical Cuisine with electronic visa to Malaysia

Although not known to many out there, the Malaysian cuisine has gained fame in the recent past.

Get your Malaysia visa now and visit the country. Your time in the country will be complemented by the great cuisine meals you will enjoy.

malaysia visa and meals food

It consists of the cooking practices and traditions in the Malaysian world. The culture here is rich and visitors can be sure to get a fair thriller. Spices such as the chili peppers are an integral part of the foods here. They are used in both dried and fresh forms. They come in different sizes and shapes as well as colors. The cuisine comes with varieties as follows:


this is the most important staple food in the country. You need to visit the Asian side to enjoy the most interesting rice foods in the country. The dish is prepared in different ways but you can be sure to enjoy the best rice meal here. It is commonly served with vegetables or meat. Typically prepared with electric rice cooker at home, this meal brings families and friends together.

Nasi lemak:

the rice-based meal is made from steamed rice with coconut milk and pandan leaves so as to give the rich fragrance. It is commonly regarded as the national dish. It is mainly served with the ikan bilis, sliced cucumber, peanuts, boiled eggs and sambal. This is a great dish for you to try while in Malaysia.


this is a rice porridge meal that is popular with the locals. It can be taken for either breakfast or late supper. It is a meal recommended for the sick since it is easily digestible. It can be served with fish, slices, chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, seafood or plain.


another common and stale meal, noodles are easy to prepare. The country loves this dish and it can be prepared in many ways.

You can apply at if you are a Chinese national. Visiting the website will give you all the information you need to start planning your trip to Asia´s Malaysia.

The process has been simplified allowing you to do most of the application from the comfort of our home and you will receive your Malaysian eVisa within 24 hours/1 business days.

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